Welcome to Cartooning the Road to War

Cartooning the Road to War brings together a selection of the pre-1914 newspaper cartoons of Joseph Morewood Staniforth (‘JMS’) which originally appeared in the British Sunday paper the News of the World, the Cardiff daily paper the Western Mail, and the Cardiff evening paper the Evening Express. At the moment there are over two thousand cartoons on the site, many of which document the cartoonist’s response to the evolving international and diplomatic situation that resulted in the outbreak of hostilities in the summer of 1914. Others reflect the wide variety of topics on which the cartoonist drew, covering domestic politics, the rise of the Labour movement, industrial relations, Ireland, social and cultural issues in Edwardian Wales and so on. There is also a selection of his colour picture postcards. All of the cartoons contained in Staniforth's published volumes (dealing with the 1895 General Election, the 1898 South Wales coal strike, the South African War, [Rugby] Football Cartoons and Rhymes, the Welsh 'Revolt' and the two deluxe volumes (Cartoons by JMS) published in 1908 and 1910) are now on the website, as well as all of his News of the World cartoons, and all of his Western Mail cartoons from 1910 to 1914. There is an open invitation to users to comment on the images and their possible meanings. Incremental additions to the website are envisaged in the future: if there are particular topics you would like to see added please get in touch. Equally, if you would like advice on finding any specific subjects please contact us and we'll do our best to help. High-resolution images of cartoons for use in publications are also available (free of charge).

Cartooning the Road to War is part of the Cartooning the First World War project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and based at University College Cork, where it is led by Professor Chris Williams, Head of the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences.