Western Mail, 16 July 1895

Captured Out of the Scrum + Zoom In
The Merthyr match comes off to-day - / Exciting times there’ll be, / The champions are all sturdy men, / And eager the excitement when / The crowd their efforts see. / But this we venture to predict, / A scrum will end up all; / While Thomas and while Upward strive, / And Morgan keeps the game alive, / Young Lewis grabs the ball!’

Titled ‘The Scrum at Merthyr’ in the published volume. Also published in Evening Express, 16 July 1895.

Herbert Clark Lewis, W. T. Lewis's eldest son and heir, stood for the Conservatives and came in third, polling 6525 votes behind D. A. Thomas and W. Pritchard Morgan. The fourth candidate was Allen Upward, a self-styled 'Lib-Lab'.

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