Evening Express, 9 September 1899

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Caption for left-hand panel: ‘ “A war in South Africa would be one of the most serious wars that could possibly be waged. It would be a long war, a bitter war, and a costly war, and, as I have pointed out already, I believe generations would hardly be able to blot it; and to go to war with President Kruger, to enforce upon him reforms in the internal affairs of his State, in which Secretaries of State, standing in their place, have repudiated all right of interference – that would be a course of action which would be immoral.” – Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, 1896.’ Caption for right-hand panel: ‘ “Will he speak the necessary words? The sands are running down in the glass. The situation is too fraught with danger, it is too strained for any indefinite postponement. The knot must be loosened, to use Mr Balfour’s words, or else we shall have to find other ways of untying it, and if we do that, if we are forced to that, then I would repeat now the warning that was given by Lord Salisbury in the House of Lords, and I would say, if we are forced to make further preparations, and if this delay continues much longer, we shall not hold ourselves limited by what we have already offered, but, having taken this matter in hand, we will not let it go until we have secured conditions which once for all shall establish which is the paramount Power in South Africa.” – Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, 1899.’

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